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WeeHands "At Home" DVD

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The WeeHands At Home DVD, Volume I, features more than 33 American Sign Language  (ASL) signs to use at home with child (age 0-6 years), language development tips and strategies, as well as 10 children's songs signed from start to finish in American Sign Language! 

Vocabulary targeted in this children’s DVD is based a child’s first words as well as different themes, e.g., getting started, food, family and daily routines at home. All children and adults on the DVD are Deaf. The DVD was also produced with the Deaf Professional Arts Network (80% of the production team were Deaf).  Included in WeeHands At Home, Volume I, are:
i. A Dictionary Section showing both an adult and a child producing the featured 33 ASL signs. The spoken word, text and a picture or video also is shown for each word illustrating the concept of each word in several ways.
ii. A Song Section showing children (and one adult) signing 10 songs while the song’s story is animated around them. Songs included are: Hello Everybody, On Top of Spaghetti, Five Little Ducks, Change My Diaper, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baby’s Eating, the ABC Song, etc. Each song has been specifically chosen based on the functional vocabulary in each song. 
iii. A Frequently Asked Questions section during which WeeHands founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, Sara Bingham, answers frequently asked questions about using American Sign Language with young children. 
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